Geothermal Get-Together

The Geothermal Get-Together (GGT) is an initiative to bridge the emerging geothermal industry and university research, by the combination of a short seminar followed by informal discussions afterward. The GGT has contributions ranging from state of the art research to new policy to industry best practices.

Previous events

8th Geothermal Get-Together – 17th March 2021:

  • “Development Geothermie Nederland”, Radboud Vorage, Geothermie Nederland
  • “Geothermal Energy the road to impact”, Marit Brommer, International Geothermal Association
  • “The impact of heterogeneity on geothermal production: Simulation benchmarks and applications”, Yang Wang, TU Delft
  • “The WARM study: Integration of national subsurface and surface heat potential”, Coen Leo, Panterra
  • “Novel drilling technology for long multilateral structures”, Jan Jette Blangé, Canopus Drilling Solutions

7th GGT – 4th November 2020:

  • “HT-ATES at the TU Delft, feasibility of a promising technology for the future heat system”, Marc Pijnenborg, ENGIE
  • “HT-ATES, a hot topic for deep research”, Martin Bloemendal, KWR/TU Delft
  • “Underground Thermal Energy Storage: challenges and opportunities in Europe based on the HEATSTORE project”, Luca Guglielmetti, University of Geneva

6th GGT - 30th June 2020:

  • “Positioning Geothermal Energy in WarmingUP, Frits Verheij, TNO
  • “Prospects for Seismicity-Permeability Linkages in EGS Reservoirs”, Derek Elsworth, Penn State University
  • “De-Risking Geothermal Energy Projects, Annemarie Muntendam-Bos, TU Delft

5th GGT - 4th December 2019:

  • “Advances in modelling energy production from high enthalpy geothermal systems” John O’Sullivan (University of Auckland)
  • “Perspectives for the sustainable use of geothermal resources” Maren Brehme (TU Delft)
  • “Benefits of seasonal heat storage for DHN” Martin Bloemendal (TU Delft, KWR)
  • “The learning curve in geothermal operations: finding silver bullets to combat the challenges” Barbara Cox (Hydreco Geomec)

    4th GGT - 27th June 2019:

    • “Parameter interdependency in energy and economic output of a geothermal development strategy” Alex Daniilidis (TU Delft)
    • “A play based portfolio perspective for accelerating geothermal energy in the Netherlands” Jan Diederik van Wees (University Utrecht/TNO)
    • “Realizing the promise of geothermal energy in the Netherlands” Frits Wolters (PwC)
    • “Development of geothermal projects in urban environment” Jan Willem Rösingh (PEP)

    3rd GGT - 29th November 2018:

    • “Platform Geothermie and the Geothermal Masterplan Netherlands”, Frank Schoof (Chairman Stichting Platform Geothermie)
    • “Geothermal Formation Evaluation”, Tom Bradley (Senior Geoscience Advisor Baker Hughes)
    • “Efficient and robust forward simulation of complex geothermal processes”, Denis Voskov (Associate Professor TU Delft)
    • During the 3rd Geothermal Get-Together, it was announced that research on Geothermal Science and Engineering at TU Delft got another boost. Read more

    2nd GGT - 12th July 2018:

    • "A laboratory study on the drilling of laterals by jetting", Richard Bakker (Post-Doctoral researcher TU Delft)
    • "Well integrity monitoring using distributed fiber optic sensing", Thomas Reinsch (Group leader Geothermal Energy systems GFZ Potsdam/ visiting scientist TU Delft)
    •  “Ultra Deep Geothermal - Exploring for high temperature heat in the Netherlands”, Nora Heijnen (EBN)

    1st GGT - 19th March 2018:

    •  “An overview of student activities in the first years; some highlights”, Karl-Heinz Wolf (Associate Professor / Head of Geoscience & Engineering Laboratory TU Delft)
    • “Stichting DAP: supporting geothermal at Delft (3O)", Mike Woning (DAP president) / Andries Wever (former DAP chairman / co-founding father)
    •  “Introduction of a geothermal well at the TU Delft campus - Above ground consequences”, Chris Hellinga (Sustainability Program Manager / Scientific advisor TU Delft)
    • “'Well design for the proposed TU Delft campus doublet: integration of science and operation”, Abe Steiginga (Technical Lead Geothermal Energy project TU Delft)
    • “Ongoing and future geothermal research at TU Delft”, David Bruhn (Geothermal Expertise Leader/ Part-time Professor Geothermal Engineering TU Delft/GfZ)


    Would you like to present at one of the future GGT’s? Please contact the geothermal team: 

    Phil Vardon
    Alexandros Daniilidis
    Susanne Laumann