A. (Andreas) Theodosiou


I joined the Mathematical Geodesy and Positioning group in September 2019. I completed my BA and Meng (2014-2018) in Electrical and Information Sciences at the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge. After completing my master’s, I worked at the Radio Frequency Payloads section of the European Space Agency as a Young Graduate Trainee.


The focus of my work is on modelling the performance of bistatic interferometric synthetic-aperture radar (InSAR) satellite missions, and the measurements that they can produce when imaging the ocean and ice regions. I’m interested in exploring how different flying formations and imaging geometries can improve the accuracy of InSAR measurements to meet the needs of scientific applications. 

The work is part of the Harmony Earth Explorer 10 candidate mission funded by ESA. Harmony is a mission dedicated to augmenting Sentinel-1’s capabilities to precisely quantify small motion and deformation of the ocean surface, ice sheets and solid Earth.

Andreas Theodosiou

PhD student