Excellent Research

TU Delft has long been known for excellence in Water Resources and Water Treatment research which is reflected by a third position in Shanghai’s Global Ranking of Universities worldwide. Our research addresses very relevant worldwide issues such as water and sanitation for the globe's cities, mitigation of floods and droughts, and the timely delivery of water of sufficient quality for society's and nature's needs. Our staff members carry out research in both Europe and the Global South, fostering long standing links with Africa and Asia. 

In 2018, an external research assessment committee rated the department of Water Management as ‘excellent’ (meaning internationally leading in its field of expertise) on all three topics reviewed, being quality of research, viability and societal relevance. According to the committee the department is particularly strong in maintaining a long-term view to fundamental excellence, asking the hard-scientific questions of societal importance.  Researchers in the department like to take the “path less travelled” in research and education to produce path-breaking and original advances in understanding and solving complex water engineering challenges. This is well reflected in outstanding publications of international impact, leadership in European and International research projects, and a breeding ground for first-rate PhD students. Read the full Research Assessment Report. Water Management is pivotal to the long-term success of  TU Delft with a vibrant history and a promising future.

Research themes

The research themes of Water Management are linked to the core applications and are connected to the overall mission. The following core application fields (themes) have been identified:

Other research topics