Major scientific and engineering progress is needed before electricity can be converted into chemical bonds at an industrial scale. To achieve this we work together with academia, research institutes, government and industry to build projects together for a fossil-free future. For more information about our current projects and partnership, please visit Our Flagships.

Join e-Refinery in developing the initiative’s vision and realizing its ambitions!

Why participate

  • TU Delft has the unique integrated expertise to develop this technology from basic research up to pilot scale;
  • We collaborate with the top international universities and institutes in the field and work in close collaboration with many industrial partners;
  • We value long term strategic partnerships that intent to accelerate the development and implementation of electrochemical conversion technologies;
  • With our multidisciplinary approach we focus strongly on knowledge transfer with our partners and use their input and feedback back into our research;
  • Strong network: all industries in the ‘value chain’ from sustainable electricity to production and use of base chemicals and fuels, are participating in our projects;
  • Get access to the latest technologies in the field!

For more information please contact

Ir. John Nijenhuis