IC Processing Lab

The Class 100 (ISO5) cleanroom provides a fully equipped processing environment: from mask making to silicon manipulation to metallisation for a wide assortment of structures, devices and complete ICs.

Completely characterised modern RF bipolar processes are made available for IC-designers and researchers. At the same time, special process modules are developed and maintained for research in the fields of advanced bipolar and CMOS processes, TFT, MEMS and NEMS. 

High quality masks for wafer stepper and contact aligners are made in the mask fabrication area.

Paolo M. Sberna

Special Applications

To explore these new frontiers in more depth without putting our IC processing line at risk of contamination, the MEMS Laboratory, PolymerLab and a dedicated Chemical Area in cleanroom class 10'000 have been created to extend and compliment the capabilities of the processing line.

The dedicated Chemical Area in Cleanroom Class 10'000, Polymer Lab and MEMS Lab are annexes to the IC Processing Lab for processing non-IC-compatible materials. For example for novel silicon microstructures, RF components, polymer technology and innovative packaging concepts.

Paolo M. Sberna

Solar Cell Lab

This lab is governed by the Photovoltaics Materials & Devices Group, which is part of the Electrical Engineering Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy of the TU Delft. It is housed in a class 10000 (ISO7) area.
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Electrical Characterisation Lab

Here standard electrical characterisation is done.
ContactLukasz Pakula

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Guidelines for use of the Electrical Characterization Laboratory

(Sub)mm-wave Lab

In this lab, governed by the Electronics Group of the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the TU Delft, extensive high-frequency equipment is available to support the various millimeter-wave design activities with the TU Delft research groups. Typical frequency bands of interest are centered around 60GHz (high speed communication), & 77GHz / 94GHz (radar), but characterization equipment is available up to 325GHz.

Leo de Vreede or Marco Spirito

Large Signal Lab

This lab is specialized in testing components and (sub)systems for wireless applications. It is also governed by the Electronics Group of the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the TU Delft. It features, beside the extensive commercial available high-end RF infrastructure, several dedicated in-house developed high-performance measurement setups; e.g. isothermal device characterization, active load pull systems as well as dedicated setups for testing advanced mixed-signal based amplifiers for wireless transmitters.

Leo de Vreede or Marco Spirito