Master Projects

Title Supervisor Project Proposal
Analyzing interface stability for enhanced oil recovery dr. B.J. Meulenbroek IntStabMEP
Analyzing the effects of polymer entrapment on enhanced oil recovery dr. B.J. Meulenbroek AdsEntMEP
A PDE model for geothermal energy (MEP) dr. B.J. Meulenbroek GTMEP1
A network model for geothermal energy (MEP) dr. B.J. Meulenbroek GTMEP2
Deepfakes prof. dr. ir. A.W. Heemink,
prof. dr. ir. H.X. Lin
Earthquakes in Groningen dr. B.J. Meulenbroek MEPInducedSeismicity
Dynamics on multilayer networks with applications to ecology dr. J.L.A. Dubbeldam project1_JD
Field of View modelling dr. J. L.A. Dubbeldam Student Assignment
Ocean Wave Measurement with Phased Array Radar prof. dr. ir. A.W. Heemink OceanWaveMeasurementWithPhasedArrayRadar
Vibrations in elastic structures dr. ir. W.T. van Horssen Master projects on Vibrations in elastic structures
The Computational Structural Mechanics of Driving Busses and Vibrating Doors dr. D.J.P. Lahaye VibrDoorsmaster-thesis-assignment
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Granular Flow Sticking to the Walls of an Externally Heated Rotating Cylindrical Pipe dr. D.J.P. Lahaye zeolite-calciner-assignment
Advanced Modeling AssignmentSupply Chain Model for Industrial Zonenear Damman (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) dr. D.J.P. Lahaye supply-chain-model
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Non-Premixed Turbulent Combustion and Pollutant Formation in a Hot Blast Stove dr. D.J.P. Lahaye extended-hot-blat-stove-master-proposal
Processing Images Captured in a Furnace for Steel Making dr. D.J.P. Lahaye extended-imaging-master-proposal
Wind- en zonneenergie dr. D.J.P. Lahaye Project Offer Ventolines afstudeerstage Wind- en zonne-zonne-energie i.c.m. opslag incl. vacaturetekst
Towards the Optimal Deployment of Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the Netherlands dr.D.J.P. Lahaye Student Assignment
Data-assimilation for models of biological tissues dr. ir. L. Rens DataAssimilation
Network formation in tissues with two cell types dr. ir. L. Rens NetworkFormation
The Terrascope: using the planet as a telescope dr. P.M. Visser MEPproposalPMVisser2020Terrascope
Eddy currents ir. A.R.J.P. Vijn Eddy currents V2
Optimized degaussing coil lay-out ir. A.R.J.P. Vijn Optimized degaussing coil lay-out V2
Solving large linear systems ir. A.R.J.P. Vijn Solving large linear systems V2
AI for aerosol data reanalysis prof. dr. ir. H.X. Lin AI for aerosol data reanalysis



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