Kaitai Liang

Dr. Kaitai Liang joined the Cybersecurity group at Delft University of Technology in 2020. Before joining TU Delft, he was an Assistant Professor in Secure Systems at the University of Surrey, UK, and an academic member of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security. He received his PhD degree in computer science from City University of Hong Kong. His main focus is on the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols to security. He has involved (as PI and CI) in several European funded projects and H2020 proposals, e.g., ASSURED, SPEAR, SECONDO, CUREX, Academic of Finland, and delivered real-world impact via these projects with his academic (e.g., University of Birmingham, University of Luxemburg) and industrial partners (e.g., IBM, Huawei Germany, Infineon). He has also maintained a tight and strong research relationships with Europe, Asia-pacific and northern America academic communities. He has published a series of research works (over 80 publications, more than 2,000 citations), applying information security and crypto tools to tackle real-world problems, in many high tier international journals and conferences, e.g., IEEE TIFS, IEEE NETWORK, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, ESORICS. He has served as technical program committee for over 20 renowned international security/privacy conferences, e.g., ESORICS, ACNS, TRUSTCOM, ASIACCS. He has contributed to ISO standard being an official ISO member of ISO Crypto Sub Committee IST/33/2. In addition to being active reviewers for many international journals/conferences, he also serves as associate editor, e.g., for the Computer Journal, guest editor, e.g., for IEEE Transactions on industrial informatics, and cybersecurity consultant for SEMs.

ASSURED: Future Proofing of ICT Trust Chains: Sustainable Operational Assurance and Verification Remote Guards for Systems-of-Systems Security and Privacy, H2020-SU-ICT-2018-2020, funding amount €4,999,760 (36 months, 2020-2023), Primary Investigator.

CUREX: seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchange, funded by the European Commission, H2020-SC1-FA-DTS-2018-1/SU-TDS-02-2018, funding amount €4,987,825 (36 months, 2018-2021), Co-Investigator.

SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid, funded by the European Commission, H2020-DS-SC7-2017/DS-07-2017-RIA, funding amount €2,965,597 (36 months, 2018-2021), Co-Investigator.

SECONDO: a Security ECONomics service platform for smart security investments and cyber insurance pricing in the beyonD 2020 netwOrking era, funded by the European Commission, H2020-MSCA-RISE-2018/ENG, funding amount €1,600,800 (48 months, 2018-2022), Co-Investigator.

FutureTPM: Future Proofing the Connected World: A Quantum-Resistant Trusted Platform Module, funded by the European Commission, H2020-DS-2016-2017/DS-06-2017-RIA, funding amount €4,868,890 (36 months, 2017-2020), Co-Investigator.

Identity Protection Projects (UK-based SEM), funding (for research) amount £210,000 (est. €237,930, UK), Primary Investigator (UK, former).

Privacy-preserving personal big data search and aggregation, Academy of Finland, Finland (No. 13283250), funding amount €227,481 (36 months), Primary Investigator.

Academic services: PC member, organizing chair, session chair, publicity chair for over 23 International security and privacy conferences, e.g., ESORICS, ASIACCS, ACNS, IEEE TrustCom and etc.

Associate editor for Computer Journal, EURASIP Journal on Information Security, Security and Communication networks, IET Wireless Sensor Systems, Guest editor for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, and etc.

ISO/IEC SC27 Work Group 2 (UK, former)

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (UK)

PhD supervision:

  • Rui Wang Yalan Wang (CSC, UK)
  • Stephen Holmes (UK, former, passed Go/no-go/confirmation)
  • Long Meng (UK, former, passed Go/no-go/confirmation)
  • Daniel Gardham (UK, former)
  • Kent Leeding (UK, former)
  • Sakshyam Panda (UK, former, passed Go/no-go/confirmation)