Zekeriya Erkin

Dr. Z. Erkin is an associate professor in the Cyber Security Group, Delft University of Technology. He received his PhD degree on “Secure Signal Processing” in 2010 from Delft University of Technology where he has continued his research on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, particularly on Computational Privacy.  
His interest is on protecting sensitive data from malicious entities and service providers using cryptographic tools. While his interest on solutions based on provably secure cryptographic protocols is the core of his research, Dr. Erkin is also investigating decentralised systems for building such protocols without trusted entities.  

Dr. Erkin has been involved in several European and national projects.  He is serving also in numerous committees including IEEE Information Forensics and Security. He is an area editor of Eurasip Journal on Information Security and associate editor for IEEE Open Journal on Signal Processing. Dr. Erkin is serving as a core member of Cyber Security Next Generation (CSng), and ICT Next Generation (ICTng). He is the technical director of the Executive Master Program Cyber Security (https://www.universiteitleiden.nl). He is also holding a part-time position in the Digital Security Group, Radboud University, Nijmegen.


Dr. Erkin is working on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, particularly on Computational Privacy: protecting (privacy and/or commercially) sensitive data using cryptographic tools. This line of research is applicable on several domains such as supply chain, smart grids, medicine and recommender systems, where privacy-sensitive data are processed. With the advances in machine learning, there are numerous applications of services that rely on sensitive data, which can also be misused or abused. Particularly with GDPR being effective, it is very clear that such services should be realised with privacy. Dr. Erkin is also designing privacy-preserving solutions for decentralised systems.