Welcome to the Algorithmics group, a section of the Department of Software Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delft University of Technology.

In the Algorithmics group, we aim to design, and understand fundamental properties of, planning and coordination algorithms for intelligent decision making in real world applications, such as for coordinating electrical loads within network constraints, or logistic processes on a shunting yard or container terminal. Apart from dealing with the inherent scalability challenge in such combinatorial domains, we work on two main research objectives. First, we aim to understand how to build predictive models from data that facilitate effective planning and scheduling algorithms dealing with uncertainty, for example to find robust solutions. Our second research objective is to understand how to effectively incorporate behaviour and preferences of stakeholders in the decision-making process.

To realize these objectives we focus on the following research topics:

  • Model-based reinforcement learning: How to deal with uncertainty in planning?
  • Multi-party optimization: How to account for preferences and possibly strategic behaviour in multi‐actor planning?
  • Constraint reasoning: How to support individual and group scheduling decisions?
  • Meta-heuristics: What are effective general heuristic methods to support decisions taking into account different preferences?

We aim to apply these techniques in sectors such as logistics and transportation, energy, and maintenance. To realise these applications we pay attention to handling large amounts of available data as well as to the development of advanced algorithmic toolboxes based on generic methods and techniques.

Job openings

  • Our group regularly has several open PhD positions: please check (and monitor)
  • We have an opening for a research software engineer. Please contact Mathijs de Weerdt.
  • Our group holds a number of openings and ideas for MSc projects for TU Delft students.
  • If you're among the best students in your class (CS/AI/Maths) and interested in obtaining your PhD by contributing to our mission (see above), please send an email to the professor you'd like to be your promotor indicating your topic/direction of interest.


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