Becoming an ELLIS Delft Unit Sponsor

ELLIS knows that industry collaboration will be crucial to the future of AI in Europe.  The ELLIS sponsorship program seeks to build these connections between industry and academia.

Industry sponsors can support the ELLIS Delft Unit in two ways:

  • By directly funding the ELLIS Delft Unit, thus sponsoring events and activities
  • By funding PhD students and Postdocs affiliated with the unit

It is also possible to contribute funds directly to the ELLIS Society

For more information on ELLIS sponsorship opportunities, please visit:

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors enjoy access to the ELLIS Society’s tiered benefits program.  Bronze, Silver and Gold level sponsors can access Society-wide benefits, as well as benefits within the units they support. Sponsors of the ELLIS Delft Unit help support national and international workshops, summer schools and bootcamps held in Delft.  Sponsors allow us to offer best paper/poster awards for these events, and to provide travel support programs.  We offer sponsors the opportunity to brand such events, to present and advertise their company or organization, and to network with talent at all levels of seniority.

Beyond financial support, ELLIS sponsors often collaborate closely with their units, and are actively involved in the development of a unit’s research programs.  Additional benefits can also be negotiated with the ELLIS Delft Unit.

For more information about ELLIS Delft, please contact us at: