MSc thesis projects

In the Socially Perceptive Computing Lab, MSc theses work (TU Delft students) in the domain of automated human social and affective behaviour analysis with a special focus on non-verbal behaviour analysis in dyadic or group and team settings. Projects vary in scope from more domain specific machine learning tasks to more computational social science tasks. Depending on the project, there is also the opportunity to work in collaboration with social scientists.

Below is an indication of the types of themes that can be covered in a thesis:

  • Domain specific machine learning is present in all projects to a greater or lesser degree depending on the preference of the student in consultation with the supervisor.  Paradigms include but are not limited to transfer learning, domain adaptation, deep learning, multiple instance learning, active learning, social network analysis, and/or unsupervised clustering.

  • Basic individual behaviour modelling topics for modality specific or multimodal problems such as (but not limited to) multimodal multi-sensor fusion, semantic segmentation, social action recognition, gesture recognition, pose or posture estimation, or person Re-ID, tracking, and detection.

  • Estimation of socially related phenomena or behaviour modelling such as (but not limited to) team cohesion, social attraction, or conversational involvement, emergence, multimodal synchrony such as between speech and gesture.

  • Estimation of affect related phenomena such as (but not limited to) estimating individual affect, personality, or social quality of experience.

  • Other topics related to the themes of the group such as (but not limited to) user feedback, smart experience sampling,  mobile and/or wearable computing.

CSE2220 Signal Processing
CSE2225 Image Processing
CSE2230 Multimedia Analysis
CSE2525 Data Mining
CSE2530 Computational Intelligence
CSE2510 Machine Learning 

CS4220 Machine Learning 1
CS4125 Seminar Research Methodology for Data Science
At least one of the following:
CS4665 Seminar Social Signal Processing
IN4314 Seminar Selected Topics in Multimedia
CS4070 Multivariate Data Analyse
CS4230 Machine Learning 2
CS4240 Deep Learning
CS 425 Computer Vision
IN4182 Speech Processing
AP3132 Advanced Digital Image Processing
IN4182 Digital Audio and Speech Processing
IN4254 Smart Phone Sensing