List of publications with members of Aubin-Tam group :

Oh JJ, Ammu S, Vriend VD, Kieffer R, Kleiner FH, Balasubramanian S, Karana E, Masania K*, Aubin-Tam ME*
Growth, Distribution, and Photosynthesis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in 3D Hydrogels
Advanced Materials, 2305505, 2023 (open access)
*corresponding authors

Barrat JL, et al.
Soft Matter Roadmap
J. Phys. Mater., 2023 (open access)

Balasubramanian S#, Yu K#, Meyer AS, Karana E, Aubin-Tam ME*
Bioprinting of regenerative photosynthetic living materials
Advanced Functional Materials, 2011162, 2021 (open access, cover article)
#equally contributing authors

Yu KSpiesz EMBalasubramanian S, Schmieden DT, Meyer AS, Aubin-Tam ME *
Scalable bacterial production of moldable and recyclable biomineralized cellulose with tunable mechanical properties
Cell Reports Physical Science, 2, 100464, 2021 (open access)

Balasubramanian SYu K, Cadenas DV, Aubin-Tam ME*, Meyer AS*
Emergent biological endurance depends on extracellular matrix composition of 3D-printed Escherichia coli biofilms
ACS Synthetic Biology, 10, 11, 2997-3008, 2021 (open access)
*corresponding authors

Amador G, van Dijk D, Kieffer RAubin-Tam ME*, Tam D*
Hydrodynamic shear dissipation and transmission in lipid bilayers
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 118, 21, e2100156118, 2021 (open access)
*corresponding authors

Wei D#, Dehnavi PG#, Aubin-Tam ME , Tam D*
Measurements of the unsteady flow field around beating cilia
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 915, 2021 (open access)
#equally contributing authors

Carvalho V#, Prabudiansyah I#, Kovacik L#, Chami M, Kieffer Rvan der Valk Rde Lange N, Engel A*, Aubin-Tam ME *
The cytoplasmic domain of the AAA+ protease FtsH is tilted with respect to the membrane to facilitate substrate entry
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 96, 100029, 2021 (open access)
#equally contributing authors
*corresponding authors

Prabudiansyah Ivan der Valk RAubin-Tam ME*
Reconstitution and functional characterization of the FtsH protease in lipid nanodiscs
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes, 1863, 2, 183526, 2021 (open access)

Yu KAubin-Tam ME*
Bacterially grown cellulose/graphene oxide composites infused with γ-poly (glutamic acid) as biodegradable structural materials with enhanced toughness
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 3, 12, 12055–12063, 2020 (open access)

Liang K#, Spiesz EM#, Schmieden DT, Xu AW*, Meyer AS*, Aubin-Tam ME *
Bioproduced polymers self-assemble with graphene oxide into nanocomposite films with enhanced mechanical performance
ACS Nano, 14, 11, 14731–14739, 2020 (open access)
#equally contributing authors
*corresponding authors

Yu KBalasubramanian S, Pahlavani H, Mirzaali M, Zadpoor A, Aubin-Tam ME*
Spiral honeycomb microstructured bacterial cellulose for increased strength and toughness
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 45, 50748–50755, 2020 (open access)

Ghoddoosi Dehnavi P, Wei D, Aubin-Tam ME, Tam D*
Optical Tweezers-based Velocimetry: a method to measure microscale unsteady flows
Experiments in Fluids, 61, 202, 2020 (open access)

Hennige S*, Wolfram U*, Wickes L, Murray F, Roberts JM, Kamenos N, Schofield S, Groetsch A, Spiesz EM, Aubin-Tam ME, Etnoyer PJ
Crumbling reefs and cold-water coral habitat loss in a future ocean: evidence of ‘coralporosis’ as an indicator of habitat integrity
Frontiers Marine Science, 7, 668, 2020 (open access)

Amador GJ#Wei D#, Tam D*, Aubin-Tam ME*
Fibrous flagellar hairs of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii do not enhance swimming
Biophysical Journal, 118, 1-12, 2020 (open access)
#equally contributing authors
*corresponding authors

Spiesz EM#, Schmieden DT#, Grande AM, Liang K, Schwiedrzik J, Natalio F, Michler J, Garcia SJ, Aubin-Tam ME *, Meyer AS*
Bacterially-produced, nacre-inspired composite materials
Small, 1805312, 2019 (open access, inside back cover article)
#equally contributing authors
*corresponding authors

Balasubramanian S, Aubin-Tam ME, Meyer AS*
3D printing for the fabrication of biofilm-based functional living materials
ACS Synthetic Biology, 8, 1564-1567, 2019

Dols-Perez A#, Marin V#, Amador GJ#, Kieffer R, Tam D, Aubin-Tam ME*
Artificial cell membranes interfaced with optical tweezers: a versatile microfluidics platform for nanomanipulation and mechanical characterization
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11, 33620-33627, 2019 (open access)
#equally contributing authors

Wei D, Dehnavi PG, Aubin-Tam ME *, Tam D*
Is the zero Reynolds number approximation valid for ciliary flows?
Physical Review Letters, 122, 124502, 2019
*corresponding authors

Spiesz EM#Yu K#, Lehner BAE, Schmieden DTAubin-Tam ME, Meyer AS*
Three-dimensional Patterning of Engineered Biofilms with a Do-it-yourself Bioprinter
J. Vis. Exp., 147, e59477, 2019
#equally contributing authors

Carvalho V, Kieffer R, de Lange N, Engel A*, Aubin-Tam ME*
BioRxiv, 209445, 2017
*corresponding authors

Marin V#, Kieffer R#, Padmos R, Aubin-Tam ME*
Stable free-standing lipid bilayer membranes in Norland Optical Adhesive (NOA81) microchannels
Analytical Chemistry, 88, 7466-7470, 2016
#equally contributing authors

Lindhoud S, Carvalho V, Pronk JW, Aubin-Tam ME
SMA-SH: Modified styrene-maleic acid copolymer for functionalization of lipid nanodiscs
Biomacromolecules, 17, 1516-1522, 2016 (open access)

Schmieden DT, Meyer AS*, Aubin-Tam ME *
Using bacteria to make improved, nacre-inspired materials
MRS Advances, 1, 8, 559-564, 2016
*corresponding authors

Quaranta G, Aubin-Tam ME *, Tam D*
Hydrodynamics versus intracellular coupling in the synchronization of eukaryotic flagella
Physical Review Letters, 115, 238101, 2015
*corresponding authors
Selected as PRL Editors' Suggestion. Highlighted in Physics.

Cordova JC, Olivares AO, Shin Y, Stinson BM, Calmat S, Schmitz KR, Aubin-Tam ME, Baker TA, Lang MJ, Sauer RT
Stochastic but highly coordinated protein unfolding and translocation by the ClpXP proteolytic machine
Cell, 158, 647-658, 2014

Aubin-Tam ME
Conjugation of nanoparticles to proteins
Methods in Molecular Biology, 1025, 19-27, 2013



Earlier publications from Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam:

Aubin-Tam ME*, Olivares AO*, Sauer RT, Baker TA, Lang MJ
Single-molecule protein unfolding and translocation by an ATP-fueled proteolytic machine
Cell, 145, 257-267, 2011
*equally contributing authors

Aubin-Tam ME*, Appleyard DC*, Ferrari E, Garbin V, Fadiran OO, Kunkel J, Lang MJ
Adhesion through single peptide aptamers
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 115, 3657-3664, 2011
*equally contributing authors

Aubin-Tam ME, Hwang W, Hamad-Schifferli K
Site-directed nanoparticle labeling of cytochrome c
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 106, 4095-4100, 2009

Aubin-Tam ME, Hamad-Schifferli K
Structure and function of nanoparticle-protein conjugates
Biomedical Materials, 034001, 2008

Aubin-Tam ME, Zhou H, Hamad-Schifferli K
Structure of cytochrome c at the interface with magnetic CoFe2O4 nanoparticles
Soft Matter, 4, 554-559, 2008

Aubin-Tam ME, Hamad-Schifferli K
Gold nanoparticle-cytochrome c complexes: the effect of nanoparticle ligand charge on protein structure
Langmuir, 21, 12080-12084, 2005

Aubin ME, Morales DG, Hamad-Schifferli K
Labeling ribonuclease S with a 3nm Au nanoparticle by two-step assembly
Nano Letters, 3, 519-522, 2005