Our society asks for professionals with curiosity and an open creative mind. We educate such professionals and that’s why design and innovation run as a thread through the four sections of the department.

Today’s and future societal challenges ask for an approach in which several disciplines are involved in order to integrate social and technological sciences. We educate future teachers and communication experts that can handle such an approach.

Innovation is a dynamic, non-linear and uncertain process. Society challenges innovators to consider the relevance of science and technology, particularly on urgent and complex topics like climate change, the energy transition, increasing urbanisation, and healthy aging.

The department SEC features a team of students, scientists and practitioners from different disciplines and with knowledge of practice. We combine theory and practice, and integrate technological and social perspectives in education and research. SEC performs practice-oriented research that integrates scientific-technological, educational and sociological perspectives. Outcomes are relevant for the domains of STEM Education, Life Sciences and Health, AI, data and digital innovation and Inclusive and Sustainable urban development (climate, energy management, safety. This is how we contribute to a society that considerably manages technological innovations.


SEC Delft is part of the collaborative 4TU educational and research program.

Science Education & Communication (SEC)