Many of the members of academic staff are prize-winning scientists and engineers internationally known in their fields of research. The Faculty is equipped with advanced laboratory and experimental facilities. The Faculty’s research groups participate in various collaborative research groups and organisations. Main topics of research can be found on the websites of the Faculty’s six departments:

Each department has its own research programme that PhDs are regularly asked to join. To get an idea of the research programmes on offer and see some vacancies, follow the link to the various departments.

If you are interested in a PhD project at the faculty of Applied Sciences, we advise you further to keep a close eye on the vacancy website where the latest selection of PhD vacancies can be found.

If you find a suitable place and are accepted as a PhD student, you will encounter the TU Delft Graduate School, which supports all PhD students at TU Delft. The Graduate School will facilitate your intended PhD period by offering a comprehensive programme package, access to excellent supervision by experienced PhD mentors and a Graduate Office that provides administrative support. Your initial contact at the beginning of your intended PhD period will be with the Central Graduate Office of TU Delft, which deals with your registration.

In addition to the PhD trajectory, that in general takes four years, the faculty also offers postgraduate education programmes that take two years and lead to an EngD title. More information on the EngD programmes can be found on TNW postgraduate education.

Casimir Research School and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience

The Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at TU Delft, which consists of the Departments of Quantum Nanoscience and Bionanoscience, collaborates with the Leiden Institute of Physics on a joint PhD programme through the Delft-Leiden Casimir Research School.
The Research School conducts research and provides PhD courses in interdisciplinary physics with an emphasis on bionanoscience, quantum nanoscience, materials physics and their applications.
Please see PhD-positions within Casimir for more information.