Do collaborations between TU Delft and the fossil fuel industry contribute to TU Delft's Climate Mission? From November 2023 to March 2024, this will be the guiding question in a programme to which all TU Delft students and staff can contribute. Anyone who works or studies at TU Delft is welcome to join in.

The programme consists of three components. A separate sub-report will be written on each component. After completion of the entire programme, a policy recommendation based on the three sub-reports will be issued to the Executive Board.

The programme is organised by the Integrity Office, the Climate Action Programme and the Delft Energy Initiative, at the request of the Executive Board of TU Delft. Read more about the organisation here.

Three initiatives

The answer to the key question โ€“ do collaborations with the fossil fuel industry contribute to TU Delftโ€™s Climate Mission? โ€“ is important for many parties: for individual researchers and students, TU Delft, and potential collaborative partners (large and small businesses, government authorities, NGOs and knowledge institutions), as well as for the planet, citizens all over the world and future generations. Careful considerations must therefore be made.

The programme to be offered to students and staff consists of three different components, through which we can gather as much information and different perspectives as possible.