18 May 2020

Brief context analysis and needs identification during Corona pandemic in Kenya and Nepal

While China, Europe and the United States are currently hit hard by the Corona crisis, there has been limited attention so far for the situation in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

18 May 2020

TU Delft ventilator shipped to Guatemala

A low-tech ventilator, developed and built by the Project Inspiration team, has reached Guatemala where it will double the national stock of ventilators.

07 May 2020

Smart optics against smart parasites

This Wednesday May 6th, Tepitome ‘Tope’ Agbana successfully defended his PhD on ‘Smart Optics Against Smart Parasites’, at Delft University of Technology (3ME faculty). The defence took place at the Senate room of the Aula while four other committee members joined via Skype . Agbana’s research concerns the early detection of malaria, which is the leading cause of death among pregnant women and young children: 11% of maternal and 20% of under–five deaths are attributed to malaria every year.

09 April 2020

Fostering inclusive growth, health and equity by mainstreaming water quality in the Brantas River Basin, Indonesia

Maurits Ertsen (Water Resources) received a subsidy of 3 million euro’s from RVO for his 6-year River Basin Management-project in Indonesia. “Together with project partners BBWS Brantas, PJT 1, DLH East Java, Ecoton, and Tauw we will focus on water quality governance in the Brantas river on Java, through a public-private approach including good governance, hydrology and water quality,” says Ertsen.

04 November 2019

Crowdsourced supercomputer helps TU Delft researchers predict local rainfall in Africa

Volunteers of IBM's World Community Grid are helping TU Delft map sub-Saharan rainfall with unprecedented detail for an entire rainy season. This could yield a new forecasting methodology that benefits small farms.

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