10 November 2016

Tweets help aid workers in Haiti

How do you make sure, during a humanitarian disaster, that the right help is in the right place? During disasters, like recently in Haiti, TU Delft researchers are gathering data on social media, from satellite images and other sources to predict how the situation will develop and what assistance which will be needed.

08 November 2016

When products designed for developing countries are unsuccessful, this is mainly because the designers fail to take sufficient account of the specific users and their context. Researcher Annemarie Mink has developed a four-step approach to tackle this issue in a more structured way. On Friday 11 November, she will be awarded her PhD at TU Delft for her work on this subject.

23 September 2016

Climate change intensifies night-time storms over Lake Victoria

Climate change intensifies night-time storms over Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria in East Africa will become a hotspot for hazardous thunderstorms due to climate change. This is shown by an international study published in Nature Communications on the 23rd of September. Stef Lhermitte (TU Delft) analysed the differences between storms during the day (which occur mainly over land) and during the night (occur mainly over the lake).

20 September 2016

Global Talk on the burden of malaria in Nigeria

On Thursday 22 september public health Professor Oladimeji Oladepo , University of Ibadan (Nigeria), gives a Global Talk on the burden of malaria. He brings his knowledge and experiences into the Delft Global Fellowship on the Optical Smart Malaria Diagnost of Prof. Michel Verhaegen, Prof. Gleb Vdovin and Temitope Agbana

11 September 2016

Global Workshop: Entrepreneurship for Global Development

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