TU Delft’s Do IoT consortium is taking IoT to the Extreme

Through Internet connectivity and equipped with embedded sensors and actuators, "things" can harness the compute and artificial intelligence capabilities of cloud infrastructure to intelligently adapt their behavior based on data and knowledge captured from various sources. Smart cities, industry 4.0, autonomous driving, and the tactile Internet are but a few examples to illustrate that the Internet-of-Things (IoT) permeates and stands to improve all aspects of society.

The grand expectations with respect to IoT have resulted in a plethora of IoT products, applications, and technologies. Unfortunately, their unbridled roll-out has been driven by quick time-to-market rather than strict performance, security, and inter-operability guarantees. At TU Delft, we have started to connect to each other, via the Do IoT initiative, to join forces to develop an IoT platform that can provide service guarantees even under extreme conditions and which is so trustworthy and easily accessible that people will have the trust and ability to program their own digital environment.

Since application domains like autonomous driving and the tactile Internet require high bandwidth and ultra-reliable low-latency communication, we actively contribute to advancing and testing 5G (+ beyond) type of communication.

Seeing is believing; at TU Delft we like to put theory to practice by experimenting with and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with state-of-the-art IoT technology.

Do IoT provides a gateway to 5G+ IoT Research & Education at TU Delft for academic and industrial partners: Feel free to contact us!