Other Types of Confidential Data

There are multiple types of confidential data, or classified data, that you might be working with during your research project. Some examples include:

  • personal data (information about an identified or identifiable natural person)
  • national security data (e.g. nuclear research)
  • data falling under export control regulations
  • confidential data received from commercial, or other external partners
  • data related to competitive advantage (e.g. patent, IP)
  • data which could lead to reputation/brand damage (e.g. climate change, personal information, animal research)
  • politically-sensitive data (e.g. research commissioned by public authorities, research on societal issues)

When working with confidential data you are likely to need additional security measures for your data to make sure that they are not accidentally released. 


  • TU Delft ICT Security team provides information on data security.
  • If you are working with confidential data, you should prepare a Data Management Plan. TU Delft provides a dedicated tool - DMPonline - which will guide through the process and suggest best solutions for your data.

If you are not sure where to start, ask your Faculty Data Steward for advice