CodeRefinery workshops

A CodeRefinery workshop aims at demonstrating to and familiarising participants with best practices and tools used in modern research software development. The main focus is on professional tools for efficiently writing and maintaining research software. Since most research code is developed in a collaborative setting,tools and workflows that facilitate this process are also discussed, but the content is also relevant to a single researcher.

Are you doing any of these things below?:

  • You write scripts to process data.
  • You change scripts written by your colleagues.
  • You write code that is used in research by you or others.

Then join the workshop! You do not need to be a "professional code developer" or computer scientist, but you have to be familiar with a programming language.

The workshop programme includes:

  • Introduction to version control
  • Collaborative distributed version control
  • Reproducible research and FAIR data
  • Social coding and open software
  • Introduction to Jupyter and JupyterLab
  • Code documentation
  • Software testing
  • Modular code development

CodeRefinery workshops are organised at TU Delft by TU Delft Library, in collaboration with ICT- Innovation, the TU Delft Data Stewards and the TU Delft Digital Competence Centre (DCC).

TU Delft PhD candidates can obtain 2.5 GS credits (Research skills) when attending all the days of the workshop and actively participating in exercises and discussions.

Upcoming workshops in 2024:

  • Spring 2024: The CodeRefinery workshop will be offered as part of the FAIR for Research Software Program (FAIR4RS) organised by the TU Delft Digital Competence Center (DCC). Applications to take part in the 12-weeks program are open until 6 March 2024. For more information about the program and access to the registration form please visit the following website. For questions about the program, please send an email to 
  • Autumn 2024: The dates for this workshop will be announced in summer 2024.


If you have any questions about the workshops, please contact: