Personal Data & Human Subjects in Research

This course is about personal data (and its different categories), the use and management of them in research and about the ethical aspects involved when working with human research subjects.

This course is aimed at PhD candidates, MSc students and researchers that collect personal data and work with human subjects within their research projects.

This course should be taken before starting the collection of personal data in a project.

The course is a self-paced online course hosted in the learning platform Brightspace and it is divided in three modules:

  • Module 1: Personal Data
  • Module 2: Ethics in Research
  • Module 3: How to do it

The time to be spent for the course is approximately 6 hours in total.

After this course, learners:

  • identify what (special categories of) personal data are; 
  • can apply the principles of the GDPR to their research project and be familiar with the exceptions of the GDPR for researchers;
  • can embed GDPR and ethical considerations while planning for and conducting their research;
  • identify research data management practices to be implemented when working with personal data
  • identify risks for human research subjects and take appropriate measures to reduce these risks;
  • recognize the relevance of informed consent when working with personal data and doing research with human subjects; 
  • can plan for preparing the relevant documents when working with personal data and human subjects in their research following the legal and institutional workflows

How to join as a PhD candidate?

If you are a PhD candidate at TU Delft you can get 0.5 GS credits if you complete all the activities of the course including the final self-assessment test within a period of 3 weeks.

Please find a detailed description of the course on the Graduate School Website.

The registration to the course is via Coachview, the course registration application of the Graduate School Doctoral Education (GS DE) programme. 

Courses for PhD candidates (40 spots per run) 

Run 1 - Start date: Monday, 11 September     End date:  Friday, 29 September
Run 2 - Start date: Monday, 16 October End date:  Friday, 3 November
Run 3 - Start date: Monday, 20 November End date:  Friday, 8 December

How to join as a Master student or as a non-PhD candidate researcher?

If you are a Master student or a non-PhD candidate researcher (or a Bachelor student or have a support staff role and are interested in the course), you can get access to the self-paced online course by registering here.

You will be granted access to the course for indefinite time as long as you have a netID associated with TU Delft.

We do not offer certification or allocation of credits for non-PhD candidates researchers and Master students, respectively.


If you have any questions about the course, please contact: