'Fibre to the Deep Ocean'

"Fibre to the Deep Ocean" is a multidisciplinary research project with the aim to measure and monitor the temperature profile up to 1000m depth. Unique is the use of an innovative fibre optic measuring technique known as distributed temperature sensing (DTS), which will provide near real-time and spatially dense data. This data will be relevant, amongst others, to ensure a sustainable use of the ocean resource.

Project plan

A team of five motivated TU Delft master students will investigate the design and installation of the DTS system in partnership with TU Delft experts and Dutch and local institutes. Two months of activities on-site are planned to prepare the installation of the DTS system. The basic engineering will help to bring the design of the DTS system to a point that it is ready for detailed engineering (phase 1) followed by the actual installation (phase 2). For more information, please have a look at the video below.


Team "Fibre to the deep ocean" consists of five TU Delft students with three different master degrees of the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. This team receives guidance from renowned experts at TU Delft and in partnership with different Dutch and local institutes abroad.
The team will work on this complex challenge from different perspectives. Three Offshore and Dredging students will focus on the the DTS technique and the technical challenges of installing the DTS-cable at the location. One Hydraulic Engineering student will focus on the complex conditions of the ocean. Last, one Construction, Management and Engineering student will focus on the economic feasibility of the project and risks of this new technique.

Team “Fibre to the deep ocean” wants to invite you to join this innovative research project and collaboratively make it a success.


In addition to TU Delft, the industry partners supporting this project are Bluerise BV, Curacao Airport Partners NV and TUI Airlines Nederland BV.


Luís Winters \ Wouter Plasterk

Master students Offshore & Dredging Engineering at the TU Delft