The Illuminator

Do-It-Yourself Demonstration and Education Kit for the Energy Transition

The reduction of our carbon footprint is only possible if the entire society is actively participating and supporting climate goals. In order to bring all stakeholders on board, the challenges and the benefits of the energy transition must be understood by everyone.

To this end, we present the Illuminator, a do-it-yourself demonstration and education kit for the energy transition. The Illuminator kit emulates the energy systems including the typical challenges these systems face (such as for example variability of renewable energy resources) and the typical solutions for these challenges (such as for example time-shifting of electric vehicle charging to match variability of renewable energy supply).

Who is this for?

The Illuminator kit is a perfect tool for educators, researchers and demonstrators. It helps these parties communicate ideas with domain-experts and society representatives, leading to more collaborative efforts by all involved stakeholders.

What is in it for you?

The Illuminator allows its user to easily and intuitively show various energy transition challenges and solutions, from fundamental concepts to in-depth insight on a range of energy transition examples. If you are in the position to communicate ideas often and need to do it easily and intuitively, then the Illuminator can help you out.

What do we want from you?

Download the Illuminator and try it out:
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The Illuminator is developed by the researchers from the Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (IEPG) group (main developers: Aihui Fu and Milos Cvetkovic, with the support of Stichting 3e, PowerWeb and the Electrical Sustainable Energy Department.