Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing 3 (SMPS3)

31 October - 3 November 2022, Delft, The Netherlands

Modern DNA sequencing technologies have revolutionized genomics and biomedical research, but extending these techniques to routine analysis of the human proteome, particularly at the single-protein level, remains a global challenge. A highly sensitive sequencing technology, ideally addressing proteins at the single-molecule level, will create the opportunity for single-cell proteomics and real-time screening for on-site medical diagnostics, and will pave the road towards the development of a new, fast, and reliable diagnostic tool for healthcare.

Following the first conference series on “Single-molecule Protein Sequencing” held in Delft, the Netherlands (2017) and the second one held in Jerusalem, Israel (2019), we are pleased to announce our third international conference on this topic to be held back in Delft, the Netherlands. This conference will bring together leading researchers who are pioneering the development of single-molecule protein sequencing techniques.


  • Single-molecule fluorescence
  • Nanopores
  • DNA nanotechnologies
  • Protein chemistry
  • Single-cell analysis
  • Next-generation mass spectrometry
  • Industry applications
  • Emerging technologies

Venue: Museum Prinsenhof, Delft, The Netherlands.


We look back on a successful SPMS3 Conference. The next conference, SMPS4, will be held in the Swiss Alps in 2024. It will be co-organized by a team led by Chan Cao from EPFL and Denis Garoli from Italian Institute of Technology.


Confirmed Invited speakers

  Aleksei Aksimentiev
University of Illinois

Eric Anslyn
University of Texas

  Hagan Bayley
University of Oxford
  Jan Behrends
University of Freiburg
  Henry Brinkerhoff
Delft University of Technology
  Chan Cao
  Marija Drndic
University of Pennsylvania

Rienk Eelkema
Delft University of Technology


Mike Filius
Delft University of Technology


Albert Heck
University of Utrecht


Shuo Huang
Nanjing University


Giovanni Maglia
University of Groningen


Edward Marcotte
University of Texas 


Michael Mayer
University of Fribourg


Amit Meller
Technion Israel


Jeff Nivala
University of Washington


Abdelghani Oukhaled
University of Paris

  Aleksandra Radenovic

Monika Raj
Emory University



  Sonja Schmid
Wageningen University

Marthe Walvoort
University of Groningen

  Meni Wanunu
Northeastern University
  Wesley Wong
Harvard Medical School
  Peng Yin
Harvard Medical School
  Ying Zhu
Pacific Northwest National
  Philipp Kukura
University of Oxford 



  Cees Dekker
Delft University of Technology

  Chirlmin Joo
Delft University of Technology