Motivation and Persuasion to compete in Sports, Play and Exercise

With rising prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression and obesity, there is an unmistakable societal need for the promotion of physical activity. This research theme covers the promotion physical activity by designing products and surrounding that will pursue people of all ages and activity levels in sports, play and exercise. It covers both the design of public space and the design of products that encourage and challenge physical activity, and research on motivation.

For the development of new products that promote sport and play, Delft University has developed a Fieldlab in as part of the European Profit Project. In the Fieldlab, which is located in the Bomenwijk in Delft, new concepts, products and services that promote sports, play and exercise are being developed in close cooperation with SME’s. To develop such products, context mapping research is used. This means that users as are considered the experts of their experience, and therefore involved in the design process. In this manner they can come up with new and lasting solutions.

Besides the design of products to encourage sports, play and exercise, the design of public space and spatial planning are important parts of this research theme. In the design of public space, especially the development of interactive environments, such interactive floors and walls, offer great potential to engage people in sports and exercise. Moreover, spatial planning is becoming increasingly important theme, as optimal spatial planning could offer the necessary conditions for people to be able to be physically active on a daily basis. Examples of such spatial planning are the creation of pedestrian and bicycle friendly environments that allow commuting to meaningful places in cities such as their school, the city center or leisure centers.