Master Coordinators

These are the Master Coordinators of EEMCS 2023-2024. A Master Coordinator is the contact person for students with regard to information about the programme, your Individual Exam Programme (IEP) and for advice about the graduation process.

Applied Mathematics (AM) J.H. (Jos) Weber

Applied Mathematics

Computer & Embedded Systems Engineering (CESE) A. van Genderen

Computer Engineering & Embedded Systems

Computer Science (CS)

Dr. L. Miranda da Cruz

CS - Data Science & Technology

Dr. ir. R. Bidarra

CS - Software Technology

Dr. C. Bach Poulsen

CS - Software Technology

Dr. J.C. van Gemert

CS - Artificial Intelligence Technology

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Dr. R.T. Rajan

EE - Signals & Systems

Dr. D. Cavallo

EE - Wireless Communication and Sensing M.A. Kitsak

EE - Wireless Communication and Sensing

Dr. S.M. Alavi

EE - Microelectronics

Dr. M. Rana

EE - Electrical Power Engineering R. Vismara

EE - Electrical Power Engineering

Dr. M. Babaie

EE - Microelectronics

Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)

Dr. R.A.C.M.M. van Swaaij

SET - Electrical Energy J.M. (Martin) Bloemendal

SET - Heating & Cooling