Waste separation pilot

Reducing the share of general waste

We're going to take the next step in waste sorting on campus! The aim is to reduce the proportion of residual waste on campus as much as possible. Every kilogram of waste that does not have to be incinerated as residual waste will result in a saving of CO2 emissions. From August 2021, the buildings of TBM, CRE, ESA and the Library will also collect waste separately. 

In 2020, we started a pilot at two locations: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the Aula. The experiences we gained in this pilot, both in front of and behind the scenes, will be used for the further roll-out of waste separation om campus.  

All loose waste bins will be replaced by waste stations at central locations where paper, PMD (plastic, metal, drinks carton) and residual waste can be disposed. This means that there are no bins at the workstations and you have to take the waste to a waste station. The waste stations are strategically located, so you are always within a 30 second walking distance from a waste station. And to be clear, the separate collection of the carton coffee mugs remains as it was. 

In the restaurants you may also find - depending on the size of the restaurant or catering outlet - a special bin for food waste.  

In these buildings the proportion of residual waste at the start is 80% of the total waste stream. By separating the waste we aim to reduce this percentage significantly, and by doing so, making the campus more sustainable. 

Let’s take the next step towards a more sustainable campus!