Setting up grade book in your course for the first time using grades setup wizard

The grade book contains your grading system, grade calculations, grade scheme, grade items, view and display options. Brightspace grade book can be used to communicate grades for assignments, tests and participation. Read more about this on the Brightspace Grades Page.

If you are using the grade book for the first time, the most ideal way to set it up is to use the Grades Setup Wizard (as described below). None of the settings in the wizard are permanent. You can always come back and change them later, if needed.

Many options in the Grades Setup Wizard have a Get Help icon () next to them where you can find additional information on what these options can perform.

If you have not setup your grade book before, you will be taken to the Grades Setup Wizard the first time when you enter grades for a course. On the navigation bar click Grades and then click on Setup Wizard.

At first you will see the current grade book settings. Scroll down and click on Start.