Manage Course Participants

Adding or removing students from your course is usually the role of an administrator in your department or faculty. They will bulk enroll all students before the start of the quarter or semester of your course. They will also take care of removing students that are deregistered.

As Course Manager you are generally responsible for your course. With this role, it is sometimes necessary, especially in a small course or at the master’s level to (un)enroll students yourself. You can assign different roles within your course, like Instructor or Teaching Assistant. An overview of the available roles in a course and the permissions that these correspond with can be found here.

Enrolling Users

If you wish to add particular student(s), TA’s or other instructors, you can do this using two options mentioned here:

  1. Bulk Enroll large groups – Use this option if you wish to enroll a batch of students using a *.txt file.
  2. Enrolling Individual users – Use this option if you wish to enroll individuals or small groups.

To see the steps to follow for each option click on the + next to the option you are interested in.

Unenroling Users

Removing a user follows the same principle as Enroling individual users:
Select their Name, click on Unenrol at the top of the list, confirm the choice and the user has been removed. Bulk unenroling is not possible. To remove several users go to Admin, click on Classlist and select all (or part of) the users to unenrol them.

Please do not unenrol students from courses they have taken, this makes it harder to restore results if they are needed at a later date.

You can read more about unenroled users in the accordion below.

Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions in a Brightspace course or organization determine the permissions of what users can or cannot do within that course.

Teaching roles share a base set of permissions for Brightspace tools. Depending on the role assigned, they will have extra permissions for other tools. Roles are only visible in the Classlist, and only visible for users with a teaching role in a course; students cannot see who has which teaching role.

If you are registered in Osiris as the Contact Person (Contactpersoon) you will be automatically registered in Brightspace as the Course Manager of a course. Similarly, if you are registered in Osiris as an Instructor (Docent), you will automatically be given the Instructor role in Brightspace. If the Instructor role was assigned in a Brightspace course based on the Osiris registration, it is possible to manually upgrade this in Brightspace to the Course Manager role.

If roles that were automatically assigned based on Osiris registration are downgraded or unenroled from Brightspace courses, they will be reinstated to the previously assigned role the following night. If you are enrolled in a Brightspace course you do not belong in, and you keep on getting re-enrolled after being removed from the Brightspace course, please contact your Faculty contact person or Programme Coordinator to have this corrected in Osiris.