Create lectures with Online Meetings

In Teams, with the normal staff-license it is possible to create online meetings with up to 300 participants and record them. If you have an audience that is between 300 – 1000 students, you should consider requesting the Advanced Communications License (ACL) or organizing a Teams Webinar. If your audience is bigger than 1000 students you should consider a Teams Live event. Read the Compare Online Meeting Tools page for an overview.

Teams Online Meeting doesn’t comply with your needs?  Have a look at and compare other online meeting tools.

Before the Meeting

There are several options to schedule a meeting and invite attendees:

During your meeting

After your meeting

After the Meeting, the chat stays available. The Whiteboard is not saved, so if you want to save that, you must do that before the meeting ends. The Meeting Notes are saved and are being posted in the channel  automatically after the end of the meeting.

When the meeting was recorded, a recording is available for everyone after the meeting is scheduled to end. If the meeting was held in a channel, everyone in the channel can download the recording. After downloading the video file, one can always manually upload and share the file, for instance in your team or somewhere external such as Brightspace.

Previously the organizer of the meeting was able to save a record of who attended the meeting. Due to privacy concerns, this feature has been turned off in the integration of the TU Delft.

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