Designing and Teaching an Online Course | 28 March

28 maart 2023 00:00 - Locatie: Online - Door: | Zet in mijn agenda

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The course is organized in 5 modules. A brief summary of each module is presented below.

Getting started
In the Getting Started section, become familiar with the course structure and the virtual learning environment, complete your profile, introduce yourself, and meet your fellow learners and the moderators.

Module 1. Explore tools and the TU Delft Online Learning Experience (OLE) Model 
We will introduce you to the TU Delft Course Development Process and the design models we apply when creating online courses. You will explore an online educational tool of your choice and your organization’s LMS (if you do not have one yet, you will be invited to explore some options).

Module 2. Design your course blueprint with the TU Delft OLE model
You will draft a course blueprint for your online course design. You are going to apply three of the principles of the TUD OLE model focusing on the learner’s experience in your course and incorporating the Constructive Alignment Theory into your own course design. You will determine your target audience, learning needs and learning objectives.

Module 3. Planning your course through a storyboard
You will write a detailed draft-skeleton of your course in a storyboard. You will reflect on the story you would like to tell and on what steps you have to follow to deliver the message and make the learning actually happen. 

Module 4. Produce an online course module
You will create a module or produce a learning sequence in an online learning platform (such as Open edX or the one that your institution or organization uses). You are going to try out your activities and define your assessment in that platform. 

Module 5. Engaging your audience
You will create a communication plan for your course and reflect on your role as an online moderator. You will consider the way that interactions in your course will achieve the right balance of learner-to-content and learner-to-learner interactions. You will also consider including learner-instructor/trainer interaction and its frequency. 

Module 6. Evaluating your course
You will consider how to make changes to the course while your course is running, and how to plan changes for future editions (course evaluation). You will reflect upon your role as a designer, moderator and/or facilitator in online learning and your experience using the course development process. 

Throughout the course, you will have access to additional resources, for example on moderation and learner engagement, on finding Open Educational Resources and on how to reuse existing educational material.

  • Start: 28 March 
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Fee: € 650,00
  • Trainers: Naomi Wahls, Patricia Mancebo May