TU Delft Exchange Week | Exploring Education Innovation | 12-13-14 April

12 april 2023 10:00 t/m 14 april 2023 16:00 - Locatie: Teaching Lab - Door: Teaching Academy | Zet in mijn agenda

Explore and discuss how TU Delft stimulates and facilitates innovation in education and innovation of education.

On 12-14 April 2023 TU Delft organises an Exchange Week for external higher education institutions. Please have a look at the programme.

For more background of each programme component, please have a look in the drop-down menu below.  

Please note that you can apply for a Erasmus+ staff mobility grant after you are accepted to TU Delft Exchange Week.

About the TU Delft Exchange Week

Are you from an external higher education institutions and interested to learn more about education innovation at TU Delft? Learn more by signing up and joining the TU Delft Exchange Week.

Please do so by clicking the button below and filling out the registration form. After doing so, we will send you a confirmation via email to finalize your registration. 

Practical information regarding joining the TU Delft Exchange Week:

  • Language: English
  • Registration fee: €150,-
  • Additional fee for optional dinner: €30,-
  • Registration is open until 2 April 2023. 

Programme components

During this Exchange Week we will cover, amongst others, the topics enlisted below. A final program, including timeline, will follow closer to event. 

Erasmus+ staff mobility grant - Planning your visit

After receiving a confirmation email of your registration of the TU Delft Exchange Week, you can apply for the Erasmus+ staff mobility grant. 

If you want to apply for this, please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of your institution. Make sure to be in time with your request. 
Further information on criteria, application procedures and forms can be found on the website of Erasmus+

On the right hand side you can find some addtional relevant links and resources to help you plan your visit. 


If you have any questions regarding your visit to Delft, please reach out to our colleagues of the TU Delft Guest Centre at Guestcentre@tudelft.nl

For questions related to the programme of the Exchange Week, please send an email to teachingacademy@tudelft.nl