Welcome to the Statistics group

Statistics, challenging and applied!

Statistics is used practically everywhere, and knowledge of statistics will be important for any mathematical engineer in his/her future career. A small sample to illustrate the diversity of problems involving statistics:

  • Does a new therapy work better than the old one?
  • Is this bullet-proof jacket strong enough for the police force to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs?
  • Does this testosterone value give enough evidence to say this cyclist has used a certain blacklisted substance?
  • What is the expected residual life time of a patient suffering AIDS, given age and CD4-count history of this patient?
  • What is the risk that a financial institution is exposed to?
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In many fields of science and engineering, people wish to answer these types of questions based on data that are available or can be obtained. In order to do so, sound statistical modeling and analysis of the data are needed. The exponential growth of statistical models being used in practice leads to challenging mathematical problems. Research in our group focuses on infinite dimensional, nonparametric models.

Our group offers a variety of statistics courses at almost all study programs at the TU Delft. We participate in various minors of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (DIAM), as well as in the in the national program MasterMath.

For a student who wants to write his/her master's thesis in statistics, there are options ranging from a mainly 'applied'- to a mainly 'theoretical' project. 'Applied' projects are conducted in cooperation with a company or research group outside the mathematics institute and focus on statistical modeling and inference in a certain practical context. 'Theoretical' projects usually take place within the mathematics institute and involve the study of (asymptotic, computational, optimality, ...) aspects of certain estimators in well defined statistical models.