Courses offered by the Statistics group

The statistics section is involved in teaching at various levels. Within the Applied Mathematics program, it offers bachelor courses as well as master courses. For the broader TU Delft community, it is involved in the minor finance and many service courses in the area of probability and statistics. Also a master service course on statistical learning is offered. The section also contributes to the national master program “MasterMath”.

Bachelor courses

Introduction to Statistics AM2080
Modelling (Stochastic part) AM2050
Advanced Statistics AM2550

Minor Finance

Time series - WI3411TU
Introduction to Mathematical Finance - WI3417TU
Data Science for Finance - WI3435TU

Master Courses as part of the three master specialisations Financial Engineering, Mathematics of Data Science, and Stochastics

Advanced Topics in Statistics - Causality and Graphical models - WI4665
Financial Mathematics – WI4079
Nonparametric Statistics - WI4435 (or Mastermath)
Statistical Inference - WI4455
Statistical Learning - WI4630
Time Series and Extreme Value Theory - WI4230

Other courses

Statistics for Stochastic Processes - Mastermath
Statistical Learning for Engineers - IFEEMCS4250 - TU-wide master’s course