Enrico Liscio

Enrico is a Ph.D. candidate in the Interactive Intelligence Group at TU Delft, supervised by Pradeep Murukannaiah and Catholijn Jonker. He obtained cum laude MSc. in Systems and Control from TU Delft (The Netherlands, 2017) and cum laude BSc. in Automation Engineering from the University of Bologna (Italy, 2015). Between his MSc. studies and the current position, he worked for 2.5 years as deep learning developer and technical project lead at Fizyr (the Netherlands).

Enrico’s research focuses on estimating personal values from text. In practice, he aims at combining human intuition and Natural Language Processing techniques to identify the abstract high-level motivations that lie behind individual statements. His work is part of the larger project to achieve high-quality online mass deliberation, creating AI-supported tools and environments aimed at transforming online conversations into more constructive and inclusive dialogues.