Ernestasia Siahaan

Research Interests: quality of experience, visual understanding, machine learning, crowdsourcing, human-computer interaction

I obtained my B.Eng in Informatics Engineering in 2010 from the Informatics Engineering department at Bandung Institute of Technology, in my home country, Indonesia. I spent a year afterwards working as a research assistant in the Graphics and Artifical Intelligence group there, while also working as a teaching staff for the Informatics Engineering department in a private university. I then went to do my masters at the National Central University in Taiwan. I obtained my M.Sc in Computer Science and Information Engineering in 2013. During and after my masters, I did research with the Media Systems Lab of the university. My research topic was on machine learning for (environmental) sound recognition.

Shortly after my masters, I went to the Netherlands to do my PhD. I am currently a PhD candidate in Multimedia Computing at TU Delft. My research is on the assessment of (visual) Quality of Experience (QoE).

My first project was on building reliable and repeatable (subjective) methodologies to collect ground truth image aesthetic data.

In the following part of my PhD, I looked into improving no-reference/blind image quality assessments using image semantics. I also look into how users' evaluation of visual quality evolve during and after the pre-attentive stages of vision. This would allow better understanding of subjective data on visual quality.

I am currently interested in the QoE assessment of 3D reconstructed videos in interactive systems.

For a complete list of my publications, please refer to Google Scholar :