Jorge Martinez Castaneda

"I want to contribute in making our faculty a welcoming place to study, advance science, and work"

I'm an Assistant Professor with focus on Education at the Multimedia Computing Group of the Intelligent Systems department of EEMCS where I do research on improving speech recognition in adverse conditions. I received my PhD degree from TuDelft in 2013 and worked afterwards with research groups from Google and Huawei, as well as in other small companies in the Netherlands. I specialize in acoustical signal processing. In particular modeling and simulation of "multi-channel room impulse responses", which is a characterization of how the sound field evolves in a given place. This has many uses in our modern society, from improved speech recognition in voice- controlled "intelligent personal assistants", to better noise reduction in your mobile phone, or to be able to understand the playing message at the train station even when the train arrives. I currently maintain active collaboration with industrial partners Bang & Olufsen, Alpine, and Kien on related research topics.

I also have a heart for education. I’m motivated into pursuing an education vision that could be described as “emphatic and inclusive scientific education”. A vision that incorporates ways to getting to know and understand better our societal context and ourselves, our students and each other, to more effectively give students the long-lasting skills and values they need to cope with the challenges of modern society. I worked in the past as an educator in our faculty where I could gather insights into the current opportunities and challenges of our educational methods and programs.

Apart from being an educator and a scientist I consider myself an idealist and feminist, dreaming and striving at making education and science accessible and inclusive for everyone. I'm affiliated with the faculty's D&I inclusion group (EDIT) and I'm member of the faculty's Work's Council (OdC).

Want to talk about any of these subjects? Do not hesitate in contacting me!