Student Meetings

INSY organises student meetings for those working on their master thesis. During these meetings, all of our students have the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their presentation skills.  Roughly, the learning objectives were:

After attending the student is able
·       to present the core content of his or her own work and the work by others;
·       to speak up publicly and speak in public;
·       to provide constructive feedback to their peers and analyze in a critical way.

Due to increasing numbers of students, we have decided to organise the student meetings on group level rather than department level. During each meeting 4 students will give a presentation and you are supposed to attend at least at 10 of these meetings. Each meeting will be hosted by one of our staff members and one Ph.D. student or postdoc. They will be the primary persons providing feedback, in addition to the audience’s comment and suggestions.

You should present during two of these meetings. The first presentations should be on a research paper related to your own research.  The second presentation is on your own research or research progress (we do not expect that the research is completely done yet).  Every presentation should be 15 minutes and will be followed by 3 minutes (max) of questions and about 4 minutes of providing feedback and discussion. In this document the different evaluation criteria are listed that are used to evaluate presentations.

If you are not able to present on the indicated date, please swap the date with one of your fellow students and inform the secretary ( Marunka van Stight).