Doing your Masters

Doing your Masters

Many exciting Master's projects can be defined by applying state-of-the-art planning, scheduling, optimization and game-theoretical algorithms to real-world problems.

To do your Master's thesis project within the Algorithmics group, we require you to:

  • meet the general requirements for doing a master in Computer Science (see study guide), and
  • have completed the highly recommended courses offered by the Algorithmics group, including at least the course Advanced Algorithms, Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making, and the follow-up project. (See the Course Guidelines Research Groups booklet for more details.)
  • Have your IEP (via MyStudyPlanning) approved by one of the professors in this group. To get this done, email a print-out of your IEP and indicate your doubts and/or questions. If necessary, the professor will propose to meet in person to discuss your IEP.

If you do your Master's within the Algorithmics group, you may join the research project of one of the members, who will be your daily supervisor. You are also expected to join the Monthly Master's Meetings. We offer a sample of available master's projects. Please contact the staff member mentioned next to the project you are most interested in. We also have a list of current and previous Master's students, and some instructions for doing your Masters and writing your thesis.

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Start off with a literature survey leading up to a Master's Thesis Proposal.

Practical instructions

When you start doing your Master's project within Algorithmics, first arrange the following.

  • Add all the activities of the Algorithmics group to your agenda. We expect you to be there!
  • Put yourself on the alg_masters mailing list to get updated on new activities.
  • Be sure to attend the Monthly Master's Meetings.
  • See the people page for your colleagues, and send your supervisor a mail with a request to be added there.
  • Come every day to work at the workstations at the 7th floor, together with the other Master's students.
  • Join us for lunch every day at 12:00.
  • When you start doing a your study, be sure to check out these research tips.
  • Make notes during the meetings with your supervisor.
  • When you have finished your literature report, and when you have finished your Master's thesis, it is a good idea to make it available to the world. Therefore, add them to the publication website. [ ]