Doing your Masters

Many exciting Master's projects can be defined by applying state-of-the-art planning, scheduling, optimization and game-theoretical algorithms to real-world problems.

To do your Master's thesis project within the Algorithmics group, we require you to:

  • meet the general requirements for doing a master in Computer Science (see study guide), and
  • have completed the highly recommended courses offered by the Algorithmics group, including at least the course Advanced Algorithms, Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making, and the follow-up project. (See the Course Guidelines Research Groups booklet for more details.)
  • Have your IEP (via MyStudyPlanning) approved.

If you do your Master's within the Algorithmics group, you may join a research project of one of the members, who will be your daily supervisor. You are also expected to join the Monthly Master's Meetings. We offer a sample of available master's projects.

See also:

Start off with a literature survey leading up to a Master's Thesis Proposal.

Practical instructions

When you start doing your Master's project within Algorithmics, first arrange the following.

  • Add all the activities of the Algorithmics group to your agenda. You can add it by right-clicking 'My Calendars' in the Calendar tab in Outlook, then 'add Calendar' -> 'from Address Book' and look for 'secr-alg-st-ewi'. We expect you to be there!
  • Put yourself on the alg_masters mailing list to get updated on new activities.
  • Be sure to attend the Monthly Master's Meetings (usually first Wednesday of the month -- see calendar).
  • You are welcome to use the study places in our building, together with the other Master's students (when Covid regulations permit -- request using Mare).
  • Join us for lunch every day at 12:00 (when Covid regulations permit).
  • Some research tips when starting out.
  • Make notes during the meetings with your supervisor.
  • When you have finished your literature report, and when you have finished your Master's thesis, it is a good idea to make it available to the world. Therefore, add them to the education repository of TU Delft.