Information had been becoming increasingly important in our society. Several examples of information needs are weather, environmental pollution, traffic load, and social climate. The SHINE project aims at efficiently satisfying information needs in a self-organizing system. The project consists of six cooperating sub-projects, which deal with managing information requests, deciding what and how to satisfy them, appropriately organizing the sensor network, gathering, integrating, and presenting the relevant information to the user.

Our department's sub-project consists of analyzing, how people would like to spend their free time, and under what conditions they would like to invest it in participating in SHINE. In addition, we consider the dynamics of interaction among the project participants, and provide some advice to the organizers and to the participants regarding what interaction habits are most beneficial personally for them and for the community.


May 2012 to April 2016

People involved

Gleb Polevoy
Mathijs de Weerdt

Funded by

Delft Institute for Research on ICT (DIRECT)

More information

Please contact Mathijs de Weerdt