Engineers are already uniquely positioned to offer solutions to challenges due to their systems thinking and problem‐solving capabilities. But a global engineer should be able to offer solutions not just to challenges, but to complex global challenges. This requires extra skills such as communicating across different cultures (and languages), working in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams, out of the box thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. TU Delft | Global Initiative aims to support TU Delft students, and students in partner countries, to acquire the skills to become such global engineers. 

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Delft Global Student Club

The TU Delft | Global Initiative is an ever-growing community of researchers and partners (local universities, companies, government, NGOs, and start-ups). However, there still exists a gap between students and researchers for collaboration and expansion of the community. The Delft Global Student Club aims to bridge this gap between researchers and students.

The Delft Global Student Club, established in 2021, forms the link between the Global Initiative research community and the TU Delft students. The Club does so by organizing networking events, lunch lectures, multicultural events, and more. The board of the Club also moderates the Opportunity Platform, which provides an overview of interesting project, internship or thesis opportunities for students who want to be actively involved in Global Development topics (click here). To receive regular updates from the Student Club and become member for free, click here

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