Computer-assisted managing of geothermal energy

Themes: Energy, Software technology & Intelligent systems

Early prototype

A TRL is a measure to indicate the matureness of a developing technology. When an innovative idea is discovered it is often not directly suitable for application. Usually such novel idea is subjected to further experimentation, testing and prototyping before it can be implemented. The image below shows how to read TRL’s to categorise the innovative ideas.

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Geothermal projects demand high capital investments to reach their resource - deep subsurface hot water reservoirs. Management decisions thus rely heavily on modelling of reactive flow and transport through various types of rocks.


We have a unique expertise on modelling and evaluation of reservoir uncertainties. Applied to geothermal energy, this provides better prediction, improves control of project performance, and indicates levels of financial, environmental and safety risks.


Our approach is being applied in the Delft Geothermal Project (DAP). The goal is to deliver energy to the TU Delft central heating system and provide scientific data for monitoring and research purposes.

Dr. Denis Voskov

Mark Khait MSc


Prof. dr. David Bruhn