GLAss Reinforced Aluminium (GLARE)

Themes: Aerospace


Glare is a Fibre Metal Laminate (FML) developed at the TU Delft that is applied on a large scale in aircraft. Compared to conventional aircraft aluminium, it has a lower density and much better resistance to impact and fatigue, fire, and corrosion.


Glare consists of layers of 0,3 – 0,4 mm thick aluminium alternating with epoxy-bonded glass fibres. Though material and production costs are relatively high, the material allows for a design tailored to local stresses and functionalities, and the production of very large skin panels. This results in lower assembly costs and significant weight savings.


GLARE’s predecessor ARALL was developed in the early nineteen eighties. After further collaborative research and development, Akzo Nobel filed the patent for GLARE in 1987. It’s currently being applied on the Airbus A380.

Prof. ir. Boud Vogelesang


Dr. Geert Roebroeks

Ir. Jos Sinke