Sponsoring and co-creation of open access books

TU Delft has been a supporter and funder of open access publications since 2004

In addition to the open access publishing of peer reviewed articles, TU Delft would like to emphasize that open access books and book chapters are also of great importance in the free dissemination of science.  As a result TU Delft Library has a long tradition of sponsored books and book chapters that have been made accessible as open access versions.

In 2022, a new chapter has opened. From that year on, TU Delft OPEN Publishing has been working closely with several publishers to publish the books of authors affiliated with Delft in open access modus. This is done on the basis of mutual interests and based on affordable financial principles.

Want to be our partner?

TU Delft has a partnership with the following publishers:


nai010 publishers specializes in developing, publishing and distributing books in the fields of architecture, urbanism, art and design. Resulting from the merger of NAi Publishers and 010 Publishers as of July 2012, nai010 publishers is the largest internationally orientated Dutch publisher in the fields of architecture, art, photography and design. nai010 and TU Delft OPEN Publishing are partners in creating open access publications.

Sponsored by TU Delft OPEN Publishing:

Boom uitgevers, imprint Eleven

A family business, Boom uitgevers was founded in 1841 and has since grown into a publishing group whose activities include developing multimedia operations that provide information of the highest standard for the nation. Koninklijke Boom uitgevers distinguishes itself by its independence and reliability. Boom uitgevers aims to provide people with reliable and meaningful information that leads to a better understanding, based on a strong commitment to society.

Policy of Multi-Actor Systems, 2nd edition is published as an Open Access Textbook in co-creation with Eleven.

IOS Press

IOS Press is an independent international scientific, technical, medical (STM) publishing house established in 1987 in Amsterdam. They produce around 90 journals and 70 books annually in a broad range of subject categories, primarily specializing in biomedical and life sciences (including neurosciences, medical informatics, cancer research, rehabilitation) and physical sciences (including computer sciences, artificial intelligence, engineering). In addition, they offer specialized services that support scientific advancement.

Open Design Systems book in co-creation with TU Delft OPEN Publishing
The Fluid Dynamic Basis for Actuator Disc and Rotor Theories book in co-creation with TU Delft OPEN Publishing.

Mkuki na Nyota publishers

Mkuki na Nyota Publishers is a book publishing company that was founded in 1981 in response to the general absence of independent scholarly publishing in Tanzania. 

Things Don't Really Exist Until You Give Them a Name: Unpacking Urban Heritage book in co-creation with TU Delft OPEN Publishing.

Jap Sam Books

Jap Sam Books, headed by Eleonoor Jap Sam, is an independent international publishing house that explores developments in architecture, art, philosophy, design, photography and theory as well as the fields that touch them, such as urbanism, landscape, sociology and history. Jap Sam Books has been established to reflect, connect and respond to developments in these fields, by bringing out a range of critical and reflective books for an international audience. They believe in a multidisciplinary approach and cross-border thinking. The books that they publish are not only educational and inspirational, but also very beautifully designed, and all produced in close collaboration with their contributors.

Footprint is published in co-creation with Jap Sam Books.

Sponsored Open Access books by TU Delft Library