The TU Delft Master’s in Computer Science programme offers you the opportunity to become a computer science specialist in your favoured field within the wide spectrum of computer science. The programme uses innovative educational methods, and requires a strong commitment from you. You’ll be challenged to deal with a workload of 40 hours per week. The master Computer Science has a duration of 2 years and consists of 120 EC. The programme is divided in eight quarters. At the end of each quarter students carry out exams.

Individual Exam Programme

You will compose an individual study programme, which will consist of:

  • Common Core Courses (up to 25 EC)
  • Computer Science Courses (up to 40 EC)
  • Seminar/literature study (5/10 EC)
  • Free electives (≤ 25 EC)
  • Thesis Project (45 EC)

You build up your individual study programmes according to these guidelines, and can choose for either a broader orientation or an in-depth specialization. You have a lot of freedom to put together your own programme. Because there is a lot of free choice, your programme will differ from other students. It is recommended to take 15 EC each quarter. During the master programme, you get in touch with a variety of innovative and effective educational methods. The programme consist of practical and theoretical work.

At the start of the masters programme, you will be guided in composing your individual master’s programme. Information in the Study Guide about the computer science research groups and master courses can also help you in composing your master’s programme.

A composed programme could look like this:

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Specializing in the master programme

In the first year you will spend time on common courses and specialization courses. During the first year students start specializing. This specialization takes place gradually through selecting in the first semester (Q1 and Q2) of the first year courses of three fields of research, in the second semester courses of two research groups. In the fourth quarter (Q4) of the first year you will choose, in consultation with the relevant research group, your specialization for year two of the master programme. Under supervision of this research group you will do your master thesis project.

Year 1

Year 2

1st choice research group
2nd choice research group
3th choice research group
1st choice research group
2nd choice research group
1st choice research group

Master thesis

In the second year, you will join one of the research groups for your thesis project, in which you will demonstrate your capacity to successfully carry out a research project. At the end, you wrap up the project with a public presentation of the results in your thesis.

Students conduct their thesis project under the supervision of one of the Computer Science research groups. The number of students a specific research group can supervise is limited. Therefore, you will be encouraged and coached early on in the program to think about your specific interests and finding a match between you and a research group.

Extra Curricular Activities

Honours programme

Although students of the master programme Data Science and Technology are already heading to great careers, you can make an extra mile by taking up the challenge of the Honours Programme. This programme is especially for you if you are an excelling student and you want to enrich and deepen your knowledge even further. The course doesn’t only improve your skills, but also contributes to career opportunities in the future as it is a proof of excelling at the university. Due to the interdisciplinary character of this programme you’ll collaborate with students from other faculties.