On arrival

Coming to live and work in Delft will entail adjusting to life in Delft and the Netherlands in a number of ways. Some of these adjustments will, we hope, be exciting. Others, not too many we hope, might be daunting. If you are coming from another EU country, many things will be familiar. If not, the learning curve might, at times, be steep. This section is intended to inform you about the adjustments you will face.

Legal requirements

Some adjustments are required by law – your legal residential address, for example, must be registered soon after arrival in the town where you are living. All residents of the Netherlands are also required by law to have health insurance. All residents of the Netherlands with income from a Dutch source – TU Delft, for example – are required to pay income tax in the Netherlands.

Social landscape

The following information is intended to inform you about the basics of the Dutch social landscape, with a particular focus on Delft. You will find information on finances, the pension and social security systems, culture and language, medical care and health insurance, and how to get around. You will only be able to deal with some of these issues after you have arrived. This information, however, will reward careful study ahead of time. It might be useful to create your own β€˜things-to-do’ list on the basis of the information in this section.