Adaptive clustering for Decentralized Resilient Energy Management

This project focuses on the design of a framework for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management based on self-optimizing and self-healing clusters of consumers and producers. 
Consumers and producers participate in clusters based on negotiated service level agreements (SLAs). 
Clusters are (approximately) autarkic and adaptive.Cluster membership and SLAs can be (re-)negotiated due to changes in the environment, the (forecasted) availability of energy resources, the overall energy market, but also participants’ forecasts of their own needs and possibilities. 
This allows for local, decentralised S/D management based on SLAs, reducing complexity on a wider scale; and it provides the basis for stability of the power system through reconfiguration. 
It thus also allows for preparing load shedding and system restoration / re-configuration schedules for system failures.

The DST-NWO joint research project (Delft University of Technology, CWI, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 2015-2019)
by MSc Selma Causevic dr. Martijn Warnier, prof. dr. Frances Brazier