Boost inclusivity with MS Teams' Sign language view and always-on captions!

Nieuws - 13 juli 2023 - Teaching Support

Microsoft Teams has introduced a Sign language view and always-on captions, an exciting new feature that allows lecturers to enhance their communication and create a more inclusive learning environment. 

Now, through the Accessibility settings, you can enable captions for all your meetings. This ensures a more inclusive and accessible communication experience for everyone involved. You also have the ability to pin two of your sign language interpreters (signers).

Accessing these settings is simple:

1. Click on the drop-down menu labelled "More."

2. Select Settings and Accessibility.

Once you enable this feature, Teams will ensure that the interpreter(s) are displayed in the highest video quality and are always large enough to be easily read. 

To streamline the process, you can even pre-identify a set of signers, allowing them to be automatically pinned during your meetings. Furthermore, even after pinning an interpreter, you still have the flexibility to pin other participants as well.

Pinning the interpreters is an individual setting per participant, meaning each student will have to activate it themselves at the start of the meeting. Once activated, it will automatically be enabled for future meetings until manually turned off. For more detailed information on how you can use MS Teams, please visit MS Teams for education where you'll find comprehensive insights.