Biomechatronics focuses on the design of assistive devices (prosthetics, orthotics, neurostimulation) to enhance neuromuscular control. Deficiencies in neuromuscular control are diagnosed using system identification and neuromusculoskeletal modelling techniques. Extensive knowledge of human neuromuscular control is used for optimizing human-machine control.


Our vision is to keep the human in control where needed, through optimization of the control opportunities of the human by focussing on provided feedback and on the properties of the control input devices.



Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Seth, dr.ir. A. (Ajay)

Biomechatronics & Human-Machine Control

T: 86985


PhD Candidates

Wu, ir. Y. (Yusang)

Biomechatronics & Human-Machine Control
T: 88461

O&O Technician

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