WILMER Elbow Orthosis for Infants

Product Code: WEO-K

For very young children with a partial or complete paralyzed arm a separate elbow orthosis is designed. The dynamic WILMER elbow orthosis for infants is based on the same principles as the version for adults and children of 4 years and over. The orthosis consists of an upper arm brace and a forearm brace hinged together. Each brace has two fitting areas transmitting forces between the orthosis and the paralyzed arm. The fittings are self adjusting for optimal wearing comfort. A spring mechanism counteracts gravity and enables flexing of the arm without use of the sound arm. A small movement of the upper arm is sufficient to start the arm flexion, or in case of weakened flexors, a limited flex-action is sufficient. No locking mechanism is incorporated. The orthosis stimulates performing bimanual activities in the whole range of the arms. Therewith the possibilities to play and the development of the child are enhanced. The risk for the spine to grow crooked as a result of doing everything one-armed, is prevented. Every six months adjustment of the fitting and the spring is needed because of growth of the child.


  • brachial plexus lesion, mostly due to problematic child-birth


  • dynamic orthosis for infants of 1 year and over, up to six years of age


  • substantial restoration of elbow function
  • restores flex function even of a totally paralyzed arm
  • restores a more natural outlook, facilitates walking
  • dynamic orthosis stimulates bloodflow, effects regeneration positively
  • positions arm within sight, reduces risk of injuries